On a dead world, the iron spires of Watch Station Andronicus reach into a cold black sky. A vast automated sensor array scans the surrounding void, and automated systems collect information for the Deathwatch.

Ten years ago, a single Deathwatch Librarian was sent out to take control of the listening post, as a centre of communications and intelligence in the Crusade against the Tau.

Six months ago, his reports ceased.

Yesterday, Watch Fortress Erioch received an astropathic message from Watch Station Andronicus.

The Alchemy of the Word is a Deathwatch campaign set at the coreward edge of the Jericho Reach. Game sessions run on Sunday evenings. The campaign will be a touch nonstandard, rather lower in combat than you might expect something involving Space Marines to be, and a bit weird. Among other themes, it will play up the culture shock issues of Deathwatch recruitment, and the problems inherent in trying to get Astartes from different chapters to work together rather than slaughtering each other for heresy. It will also explore the problems involved in any sort of military campaign when your intelligence reports turn out to be incomplete, inaccurate or incomprehensible. There will problems that you cannot immediately shoot in the face. Expect mind-screw, surrealism and paranoia. This is 40K under Ian Watson rules.

The title and tagline are taken from The Alchemy of the Word by Angela Carter.

There will be content on the wiki soon, I promise.

Session Time: Sunday evenings at 6:30pm

The Alchemy of the Word

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