Kill-Team Claritas Pennata is currently comprised of the following Deathwatch Space Marines:

They have lost two members:

  • Ramiel – Blood Angel, Assault Marine, art historian, (possibly willing) daemon host, killed on Babel Seventeen, gene seed recovered for precautionary study
  • Brother Koris – Blood Angel, Apothecary, painter, succumbed to the Red Thirst, relieved of duty and sent back to Baal

The Kill-Team’s heraldry under Brother Siegmund consisted of a shield-shaped insignia with a background of the wave-ruffled surface of a deep sea coloured in the blue of the Ultramarines Chapter. Against this is set a pair of wings in the design of the Blood Angels and Dark Angels Chapters, the wings coloured in the black of the Black Templars Chapter, and beneath the joint of the wings is set the outline of the Inquisition symbol painted as highly polished silver in which can be seen a subtle reflection of the wearer’s face composed in an attitude of pious prayer.


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