Brother Ramiel

Blood Angel Assault Marine, currently deployed in the Deathwatch


Weapon Skill: 69 (in Power Armour: 74); Ballistic Skill: 32; Strength: 49; Toughness; 42; Agility: 43; Intelligence: 42; Perception: 34; Will Power: 51; Fellowship: 42.


Ramiel is a quiet-looking man with long black hair, pale skin, and red lips, with scars down the left side of his face. He tends to walk with his head bowed slightly. Frequently he can be found in the library on Watch Fortress Erioch writing up notes on the History of Art, on which he is something of an authority. If not there, he can usually be found either in his room, of in the rooms of Brother Koris, or in a medical area recovering from the ‘rites of penance’ he feels he must suffer. It is these rites which have led to most denizens of Watch Fortress Erioch interacting with him only when they absolutely have to and all other options have failed, on the grounds that submissive Space Marines are unnerving.

Taken from official information, complete with notes
Recruited: Baal Prime along with Zariel and Koris
Speciality: Assault Marine Good with chainsword, not great with anything ranged. Close combat specialist.
Unusual choice for the Blood Angels, given the circumstances in which he joined.
Excellent at close combat – definitely one to watch. Seems fearless in battle. Willing to keep going regardless of injuries.
Some tension with Zariel and Koris. Cause unknown.
TO BE WATCHED regarding information provided by Brother Koris.
Interesting specimen.
Sent to support Blood Angel Terminators from the First Company in the purging of the Flamechild. Impressed superiors and peers by continuing to battle when struck with life-threatening wounds.

From a review of Hints of the Italian Renaissance in Current Religious Portraiture
…the author, Brother Ramiel of the Adeptus Astartes, shows an excellent understanding of ancient works of art, many of which are now lost or require serious restoration. When applying his knowledge to modern works, however, this reviewer got the distinct impression that Ramiel’s interest had waned and only the requirement by the publisher for a discussion of the relevance of ancient art in the modern world led him to draw sometimes tenuous conclusions…

Brother Ramiel

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