The Alchemy of the Word

Brother Koris - Journal Entry Six

Official Journal of Brother Koris, Deathwatch Apothecary, Blood Angels Chapter
Entry Six – Watch Fortress Erioch

Arriving at Watch Fortress Erioch, we are met by Brother Thorkild of the Space Wolves, accompanied by another veteran Deathwatch Marine and some human Inquisition Storm Troopers. They take us to a debriefing conducted by Watch Commander Mordigael and Inquisitor Carmillus, where we give our report and hand over all documentation from Watch Station Andronicus. We are sworn to secrecy about the events of the mission and given permission to depart. I take the still unconscious Brother Ramiel to the Watch Fortress’ Apothecarium facilities while the rest of the Kill-Team head to the chapel, but for Brother-Lexicanium Aemilianus who is instructed to go to his cell and await a private interview with Inquisitor Carmillus.

Later that day, while I remain in the Apothecarion with Brother Ramiel the rest of the Kill-Team is called to a joint briefing with Watch Commander Mordigael and Inquisitor Carmillus and given a new mission to continue investigating the threat, starting at the Shrine-World of Babel Seventeen where Inquisitor Hoffman was conducting research.

Primary Objective: Curtail the spread of the psychic virus through the Jericho Reach. Find out how far it has spread, and take whatever steps might be necessary to eradicate it. Propagation of the virus is not countenanced even amongst Xenos and heretics.

Secondary Objective: Determine the nature of the Malleus Entity we fought in Watch Station Andronicus and its relation to the psychic virus. Do not attempt to contact this entity.

Tertiary Objective: No experiments in replicating Laeran sonic tech are to be repeated, nor is information relating to it to be allowed to circulate outside of the Deathwatch and the Ordo Xenos.

Inquisitor Albertine Hoffman: Not currently considered heretical, any evidence that may indicate otherwise should be brought to the attention of Watch Commander Mordigael and Inquisitor Carmillus. Inquisitor Hoffman should not be permitted to spread knowledge of Laeran technology or conduct any experiments concerning it.

Psykers: Anyone with psychic ability should be considered at risk of becoming infected with the psychic virus, and should be monitored closely. This includes Marine Librarians.

The Babel Seventeen Shrine World is managed by an external convent of the Ordo Dialogus, scholars in the service of the Ecclesiarchy.



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